Q: How do I nominate?

If you wish to make a nomination in one or more awards categories, you are invited to visit our dedicated nominations page HERE


Q: What if the person that I am nominating deserves to be nominated in more than one Award Category?

A: You can nominate the same person or organization for more than one award


Q: What Criteria are the Finalists being judged on?

A: Please visit our AWARDS CRITERIA PAGE for the judging criteria for each and every Award Category


Q: What if I think I deserve to win an Wealth Professional Award this year?

A: If you wish to be considered for an award yourself, you may submit a self-nomination and you may request others to nominate you


Q: What should my "Reason for Nomination" be?

A: This is a required part of the nomination process - our judging panel needs to know WHY the nominee is up for the award. Responses should be up to a maximum of 500 words and must address the award criteria outlined on each online nomination form