This award recognizes a multi-office advisor network, brokerage, or fund provider's commitment to building a workplace that recognizes excellence and supports career growth for all. This award recognizes the company that has earned the reputation to be called an employer of choice within the wealth management and financial planning industry.


Nominations by employees, partners, peers, and clients are welcome. Extra weight will be placed on nominations that come from those in a position to assess the brokerage objectively.


Finalists will be invited to provide supporting documentation for submission to the WPA judging panel.



When judging this category, the following criteria will be considered:

Must have greater than 50 employees within Canada and be in the wealth management industry.

Demonstrates unique employee value proposition (e.g. business development support, marketing support, education, training, philanthropy)

Defined workplace brand & culture to foster growth for employees

Innovative approach to employee recruitment, retention, talent management, learning & development, mitigating employer-related risks, managing changes within the business (i.e. digitalization, customer expectations, compliance)

Exemplary reputation within the industry

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