This award recognizes the wealth professional whose efforts have gone beyond the requirements of their position to advance the ETF industry in Canada over the last 12 months.


Eligible nominees are wealth professionals in the ETF industry (not limited to advisors) actively implementing ETFs in their book of business or practice in the last 12 months.


Nominees may nominate themselves and the WPA team will also consider input from peers, clients, and superiors. Extra weight will be placed on nominations that come from those in a position to assess a nominee’s performance objectively.


Finalists will be invited to provide supporting documentation for submission to the WPA judging panel.



When judging this category, the following criteria will be considered:

Year-over-year advancement in implementing ETFs into practice, whether through innovation or new product launches

Efforts to innovate, promote & communicate the value of ETFs to their clients and industry

Exemplifying the impact of the individual and organization on the broader ETF industry in Canada

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