Q: What is the process of the Wealth Professional Awards?

A: The Wealth Professional Awards follows a strict 6-step process. Visit our Process page to read more on the 6-step process with a detailed description of every step and what to expect when submitting a nomination.


Q: How do I submit a nomination?

A: Proceed to the Award Categories page here.


Q: Is there a cost to submitting a nomination/nominating?

A: No, there is no cost.


Q: What if the person that I am nominating deserves to be nominated in more than one award category?

A: That's fine. You can enter the same person, team or organization in multiple categories.


Q: What criteria are the Finalists being judged on?

A: All categories and their criteria are detailed on the Award Categories page here.


Q: What if I think I deserve to win an award this year?

A: You may nominate yourself. Self-nominations are highly encouraged. Alternatively, you can encourage your clients or peers to nominate you.


Q: What should my reason for nomination be?

A: As the most critical part of the nomination entry, the reason for nomination can be brief and should encapsulate why the Nominee deserves to be recognized in that award category and fits the criteria. The brief reason for nomination serves as an important basis for the selection process for Finalists. Touching on the criteria and why your Nominee fits best the award description in your nomination will strengthen the quality of your nomination.


Q: What happens after I submit a nomination?

A: Visit our Process page to read more on the 6-step process with a detailed description of every step and what to expect when and after submitting a nomination.



GOT QUESTIONS? Don't hesitate to reach out to someone in our team.

READY TO NOMINATE? Submit a nomination via the Online Nomination Portal.

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